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Unless you are from the San Francisco Bay Area you may not be familiar with Laffing  Sal.  For years and years, she was located at Playland in San Francisco (unfortunately it was closed down before I got to see it).  My parents and in-laws remember her well from the days they spent at Playland on the beach. All she does is…well…laugh!  She is just a bit creepy, according to many kids.

Actually after researching her a bit, I  found that there were Laffing Sal’s at various locations throughout the U.S. – have you ever seen her?

She was restored and found a new home in Santa Cruz at the Beach Boardwalk!  Laffing Sal is an icon in these parts!

Laughing Sal

“Laffing Sal”

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I don’t get men! Do they ever listen?

"husbands don't listen"

Men don’t listen.  Plain and simple. Selective hearing? Perhaps.  Either way you look at it, it is so very frustrating.


I have a paper recycling bag right under a counter that is maybe three steps from the sink.  Every day though, I find stuff accumulating on the counters.  Here is a typical conversation about this, between my husband and I:

Day one – milk carton on counter:

Me: “Honey, there is a recycling bag right there, this milk carton can go in there”

Him:  “Oh, okay”

I end up squashing it and putting it in the bag.

Day two – two beer cans on the counter:

Me: “Hon…I have a recycling bag set out so it is easy to put beer cans in there”

Him: “Oh, okay”

Day three – a soda can on counter:

Me: “For your convenience, there is a bag over there for recyclables”

Him: “Oh, okay”

So the above are three examples of what seems to be everyday conversations.

Now in his defense, he has become hard of hearing – just a bit….so he says.  However, in those cases, he did acknowledge me.


Me: “Oh – I picked up the bagels you had on the grocery list  today”

{dead silence, so me again}

Me: “Hon? I picked up bagels for you today”

Me: “Hon!!”

Him: “What?”

Me: “I picked up bagels for you today”

Him: “Okay, thank you”

Him: (four hours later): “Sweetheart, did you pick up bagels today while you were out?”

Me: #@@#!@


Me: “Don’t forget that you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow”


Me: “Honey – you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow”


Me:  “Honey!!”

Him: “What?”

Me: “I said you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow!”

Him: “I know…I heard you”

Me thinking:

"husbands don't listen"

Well why on earth didn’t you let me know you heard me?? Please, please acknowledge that you heard me so I don’t have to keep repeating myself…I do not exactly enjoy doing that!

I can’t win…plain and simple.  Do any of these conversations sound like familiar ones in your household?

How could people sit by and watch?


There was a gang rape in Richmond, California. It has been all over the news and it makes me sick to my stomach each time I think about it.  A 15-year old girl was raped outside of a high school after an event.  People stood by to watch and nobody helped. In fact, even more (horny boys) jumped in to participate all the while laughing and taking pictures. This went on for over two hours!

Is this what our youth has become? What kind of parent raises animals like that? It’s not just one person who did this but a whole group of them.  Where are their morals and hearts?

This young girl was flown to the hospital in critical condition. She has sense been released, but only from the hospital.  She will never, ever forget how she was used, abused and ridiculed.  My hope is that the “kids” who did this will go to prison for a long, long time.  They just might get their own in there.

Just Want to Get Away



Do you ever feel like the state you live in is not where you were meant to be?  I had a wonderful childhood, and we have raised my children in nice areas, but I always feel like there is something more.  I see on television, and even in real life, streets and neighborhoods that I consider my dream area.  I know they are scattered throughout the United States, yet I wouldn’t even know where to begin to find the perfect place.

My husband will not fly, so unfortunately exploring is not a possibility unless we took a long road trip. We have dreams of retiring on the West Coast somewhere, but I am not sure if that is my dream, though it would be lovely.

Do you ever feel unsettled and restless? Do you feel like there is more somewhere else?  Sometimes I am sad that my children were not raised in my dream neighborhood, yet I know they each had a happy childhood.  Where do I want to be?  I have no idea.