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Just Want to Get Away



Do you ever feel like the state you live in is not where you were meant to be?  I had a wonderful childhood, and we have raised my children in nice areas, but I always feel like there is something more.  I see on television, and even in real life, streets and neighborhoods that I consider my dream area.  I know they are scattered throughout the United States, yet I wouldn’t even know where to begin to find the perfect place.

My husband will not fly, so unfortunately exploring is not a possibility unless we took a long road trip. We have dreams of retiring on the West Coast somewhere, but I am not sure if that is my dream, though it would be lovely.

Do you ever feel unsettled and restless? Do you feel like there is more somewhere else?  Sometimes I am sad that my children were not raised in my dream neighborhood, yet I know they each had a happy childhood.  Where do I want to be?  I have no idea.

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