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How could people sit by and watch?


There was a gang rape in Richmond, California. It has been all over the news and it makes me sick to my stomach each time I think about it.  A 15-year old girl was raped outside of a high school after an event.  People stood by to watch and nobody helped. In fact, even more (horny boys) jumped in to participate all the while laughing and taking pictures. This went on for over two hours!

Is this what our youth has become? What kind of parent raises animals like that? It’s not just one person who did this but a whole group of them.  Where are their morals and hearts?

This young girl was flown to the hospital in critical condition. She has sense been released, but only from the hospital.  She will never, ever forget how she was used, abused and ridiculed.  My hope is that the “kids” who did this will go to prison for a long, long time.  They just might get their own in there.

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